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 It's been a really, really long time hasn't it? I mean, I did a blog thing over the summer under a different name because I went to Jordan, so I did some blogging there, but otherwise... wow.

I'm sorry it's been so long. I guess I've just been caught up doing other things. And by things I mean college. Which is hard, by the way. Chemistry sucks. 


i dunno if I'm getting back into the game or not. I'm rather fond of Star Trek at the moment so I might play with some stuff there. Hopefully my semester will be more enjoyable this go around and I can actually do non-academic things. And maybe this will be one of them.


[Books] The Christmas Break Reading List

Here are the books I'm reading now and hope to read before break ends. (This may not be possible, unfortunately.)


  • Brave New World by Aldous Huxley :: "Community, Identity, Stability" is the motto of Aldous Huxley's utopian World State. Though there is no violence and everyone is provided for, Bernard Marx feels something is missing and senses his relationship with a young women has the potential to be much more than the confines of their existence allow.
  • Dune by Frank Herbert :: Tells the sweeping tale of a desert planet called Arrakis, the focus of an intricate power struggle in a byzantine interstellar empire. Paul Atreides is far more than just a usurped duke. He might be the end product of a very long-term genetic experiment designed to breed a super human; he might be a messiah. His struggle is at the center of a nexus of powerful people and events, and the repercussions will be felt throughout the Imperium.
  • Remembering Blue by Connie May Fowler :: Moving and enchanting, Remembering Blue is a lush story of love, loss, and the mythic power of the ocean, told in an elegant and passionate voice that could only come from Connie May Fowler.


  • The Physics of the Impossible by Michio Kaku :: A scientific exploration into the world of phasers, force fields, teleportation, and time travel.
*** Summaries above are abbreviated versions of those found on Amazon.Com

My personal thoughts/hopes concerning the books: Read more...Collapse )

reading is sexy

So I can't consistently keep a journal to save my life. This is one principle and unavoidable truth about me. But what I can do and always do no matter what's going on in my life is read. Sometimes it's real books from a library, sometimes it's fanfiction. And the very, very few times when I'm not reading, I'm doing something fandom related. And sure, the fandom changes or the pairing or the genre that I prefer but it's all words and characters and loveliness.

As a result, I've decided to turn this into a rec site. I'll give commentary when I feel called to do so, but otherwise I'm just going to be talking about what I've read, what I'm reading, and what I want to read.


So Good To Be Home Again

Though I haven't even tried to write anything, LiveJournal stirs up such an intoxicatingly creative and introspective mood in me that I've already come to at least one startlingly obvious conclusion about myself.

How refreshing to no longer be drowning but to swim.


yawn & stretch

Been awhile, hasn't it?

To those of you reading this on your friends page you either (1) are incredibly patient and loyal or the more likely (2) you forgot to delete me off of your list when I started hibernating.

Regardless, if there is anyone out there, I would like to say that I am returning to fandoms previously abandoned in the name of school work (which I had far too much of).

I don't know how soon or if I will be writing. I intend to poke around various communities and reacquaint myself before I dive back into writing.

I just thought I would send a word out. I'm very excited to be back and I hope to rejoin the world of LiveJournal with far greater impact than my first go around.


562 - Fred/Hermione - PG

Title: 562
Author: grea
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Pairing: Fred/Hermione
Rating: PG
Summary: "Hm. 562."
Warnings: No spoilers.
Genre: Fluff
Author's Notes: It's not even 300 words, just a tiny little flufflet that wouldn't leave my head until I wrote it down. It's also my first time writing in quite awhile, so FEEDBACK might give me ideas for more stories.

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Third Time's The Charm-PG

Title: Third Time's The Charm
Author: grea
Disclaimer: If they were mine, Voldy would be dead and George would be otherwise occupied...
Pairing: Ron/Hermione, [Fleur/Bill]
Rating: PG, maybe even G
Summary: Fleur is snickering. Hermione is baking. Bill is confused...
Warnings: 3 very short little tidbits
Genre: Flufflet!
Author's Notes: It goes with the Intoxication series, but it can be read without it.

Read more...Collapse )
Title: The Morning After
Author: grea
Disclaimer: This is getting a little redundant... Not mine.
Pairing: Hermione/Ron, [Fleur/Bill]
Rating: PG, Hermione's hung-over, so maybe PG-13?
Summary: Fleur's gone. Ron is observant.
Genre: General, a little Romance
Author's Notes: This is the third and final chapter of the Intoxicated series.

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Title: Conversation From The Other Side Of The Bottle
Author: grea
Disclaimer: I own it not.
Pairing: Ron/Hermione, Fleur/Bill
Rating: PG?
Summary: Hermione is still drunk and Fleur is smarter than she looks.
Genre: General/Friendship, mentions of romance
Author's Notes: This is more a continuation of Intoxication than a sequel, but whatever. It's not very long I'm afraid, so feel free to consider it all one part.

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